5 string Fretted & Fretless Bass

Rennie Xosa‚Äč

Rennie Xosa is a native New Yorker.
His published industry credits as Bassist contributor and writer include:

-Crystal Project: (Retrospect Records 2012)
-Raine: Peace (MTM Records - U.K., King      Records - Japan, 2002)
-Montana Screams: Volume 1,

 (Perris Records, 1996) 

-Montana Screams: Mean World Syndrome,  (Red Letter Records, 1995)
-Crystal Pistol: What I'd Rather Be

 (Paramount Famous Music, 1993)
-VoG (RCA Records 1989)

-The Debs (A&M Records 1985)
 Sidework includes:

-Grammy Winner Mark Wood: These Are a Few  Of My Favorite Things, (Mark Wood Music)
-Benny Mardones & the Hurricans: American      Dreams (BT Recordings 1992)

-Collectively, RX's work has been released in the United States, The United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, East Europe, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Benelux, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Greece.